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Pre-Straightening Uncoiler/Decoiler


Pre-Straightening Uncoiler/Decoiler

Pre-straightening uncoilers are used for unwinding of wire coils of medium and big diameters, ranging from 16mm to 38mm, whose management is extremely difficult. They are suitable for feeding straightening machines, drawing machines and machinery of fastener division and for production of cold forged components.

Main functions of uncoilers are:

  1. Coil unwinding
  2. Wire pre-straightening
  3. Wire feeding
  4. Wire storing on the arm

Together with cutting-off machine and pointing machine: facing of wire end before its threading or before welding to following coil chamfering of faced wire end to make threading easier into operating machine.

Use of pre-straightening uncoilers allows:

  1. To eliminate difficulties in wire threading and management into the working machines making operator's work easier
  2. To reduce downtimes for preparing of working machine
  3. To increase coefficient of utilisation of the machine.