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Pneumatic Inter Panel Test Rig


Pneumatic Inter Panel Test Rig

The primary function of an internal panel within a gangway system is to prevent passengers interacting with the internal area of a gangway and it also ensures that the gangway shares similar aesthetic properties with the internal area of the carriage. During operation the panel will mostly extend and compress. However, during particular movement cases it will be subjected all six degrees of freedom.

The panel system works in conjunction with the gangway system that it is associated with. Two panels are used for each gangway system and are located within the internal area of gangway. These are located on either side of the gangway throughway.

We have developed Endurance test rig for bellows side panel and the speed of the rig is 300mm/sec, We can vary the angle ± 3° in Lateral and Longitudinal directions. The same is moved to and fro for approximately 1 lakh cycle.