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Graphite Lubrication System


Graphite Lubrication System for Hot Forging Press

Graphite lubrication is a liquid based system used in the forging industry. The closed circuit graphite lubrication system reduces friction and forging loads, and improves die life.

WFA's lubrication system has a collection tank which is placed beneath the forging press where all the sprayed graphite lubricants are collected and transferred to the supply tank.

The system has proved to be a safe and eco-friendly alternative of dry graphite spray lubrication technique.

  1. Dry graphite spraying method is replaced with liquid graphite for lubrication in forging.
  2. Graphite lubricant is flooded on the forging die.
  3. Used graphite liquid is collected through a hopper in SS Collecting tank.
  4. To restrict the bonding of graphite inside the tank, a stirrer is used to keep the mixture uniform and un coagulated.
  5. To remove any foreign material mixed in liquid after forging, The liquid is passed through the magnetic separator before entering the SS Supply tank.
  6. The liquid is filtered by primary and secondary filter, before it is flooded on the die.