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Gangway Test Rig For Railways


Gangway Test Rig

The test rig consists of two compartments where in the gangway is fixed in between them and simulate the train movements and check the life of the gangway. The Gangway fixed between the compartments are subjected to testing Six Degrees Of Freedom (yaw, pitch, roll, lateral offset, vertical offset and longitudinal).

It is possible to transfer simulated curve data using NI System, a software that is programmed to generate the data in graphs to check the functionality and endurance. This data would be the ideal format to program cases into the test rig software.

It should be noted that Lab View gives only theoretical geometric positions. It does not compensate for the functionality of the test rig – e.g. the longitudinal compensation has to be manually adjusted afterwards.

The graph is plotted with the data from Lab View, and compared with the existing defined inputs and all the datas are stored in the industrial PC.